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Quantum key distribution using quantum dot single-photon emitting diodes in the red and near infrared spectral range
Citation key Heindel2012
Author T. Heindel, C. A. Kessler, M. Rau, C. Schneider, M. Fürst, F. Hargart, W.-M. Schulz, M. Eichfelder, R. Roßbach, S. Nauerth, M. Lermer, H. Weier, M. Jetter, M. Kamp, S. Reitzenstein, Sven Höfling, P. Michler, H. Weinfurter, and A. Forchel
Pages 083001
Year 2012
Journal New Journal of Physics
Volume 14
Number 8
Abstract We report on in-lab free space quantum key distribution (QKD) experiments over 40Ã? cm distance using highly efficient electrically driven quantum dot single-photon sources emitting in the red as well as near-infrared spectral range. In the case of infrared emitting devices, we achieve sifted key rates of 27.2Ã? kbitÃ? s âË?â??1 (35.4Ã? kbitÃ? s âË?â??1 ) at a quantum bit error rate (QBER) of 3.9% (3.8%) and a g (2) (0) value of 0.35 (0.49) at moderate (high) excitation. The red emitting diodes generate sifted keys at a rate of 95.0Ã? kbitÃ? s âË?â??1 at a QBER of 4.1% and a g (2) (0) value of 0.49. This first successful proof of principle QKD experiment based on electrically operated semiconductor single-photon sources can be considered as a major step toward practical and efficient quantum cryptography scenarios.
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