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C. Kistner, T. Heindel, C. Schneider, A. Rahimi-Iman, S. Reitzenstein, S. Höfling, and A. Forchel: Demonstration of strong coupling via electro-optical tuning in high-quality QD-micropillar systems, Optics Express 16, 15006–15012 (2008).

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S. Münch, S. Reitzenstein, P. Franeck, A. Löffler, T. Heindel, S. Höfling, L. Worschech, and A. Forchel: The role of optical excitation power on the emissionspectra of a strongly coupled quantum dot-micropillar system, Optics Express 17, 12821–12828 (2009).

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L. Rickert, T. Kupko, S. Rodt, S. Reitzenstein, T. Heindel: Optimized designs for telecom-wavelength quantum light sources based on hybrid circular Bragg gratings, Optics Express 27, 36824 (2019).

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V. A. Gaisler, I. A. Derebezov, A. V. Gaisler, D. V. Dmitriev, A. I. Toropov, S. Fischbach, S. Schlehahn, A. Kaganskiy, T. Heindel, S. Bounouar, S. Rodt, and S. Reitzenstein: Hybrid microcavity for superminiature single quantum dot based emitters, Optoelectronics, Instrumentation and Data Processing 53, 178–183 (2017).

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C. Gies, F. Gericke, P. Gartner, S. Holzinger, C. Hopfmann, T. Heindel, J. Wolters, C. Schneider, M. Florian, F. Jahnke, S. Höfling, M. Kamp, and S. Reitzenstein: Strong light-matter coupling in the presence of lasing, Phys. Rev. A 96, 023806 (2017).

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A. Musiał, C. Hopfmann, T. Heindel, C. Gies, M. Florian, H. A. M. Leymann, A. Foerster, C. Schneider, F. Jahnke, S. Höfling, M. Kamp, and S. Reitzenstein: Correlations between axial and lateral emission of coupled quantum dot-micropillar cavities, Phys. Rev. B 91, 205310 (2015).

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P. Yao, P. K. Pathak, E. Illes, S. Hughes, S. Münch, S. Reitzenstein, P. Franeck, A. Löffler, T. Heindel, S. Höfling, L. Worschech, and A. Forchel: Nonlinear photoluminescence spectra from a quantum-dot-cavity system: Interplay of pump-induced stimulated emission and anharmonic cavity QED, Phys. Rev. B 81, 033309 (2010).

A. Thoma, P. Schnauber, M. Gschrey, M. Seifried, J. Wolters, J.-H. Schulze, A. Strittmatter, S. Rodt, A. Carmele, A. Knorr, T. Heindel, and S. Reitzenstein: Exploring Dephasing of a Solid-State Quantum Emitter via Time- and Temperature-Dependent Hong-Ou-Mandel Experiments, Physical Review Letters 116, 033601 (2016).

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T. K. Bracht, M. Cosacchi, T. Seidelmann, M. Cygorek, A. Vagov, V. M. Axt, T. Heindel, D. E. Reiter: Swing-Up of Quantum Emitter Population Using Detuned Pulses, PRX Quantum 2, 040354 (2021).

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A. Kaganskiy, M. Gschrey, A. Schlehahn, R. Schmidt, J.-H. Schulze, T. Heindel, A. Strittmatter, S. Rodt, and S. Reitzenstein: Advanced in-situ electron-beam lithography for deterministic nanophotonic device processing, Review of Scientific Instruments 86, 073903 (2015).

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A. Schlehahn, L. Krüger, M. Gschrey, J.-H. Schulze, S. Rodt, A. Strittmatter, T. Heindel, and S. Reitzenstein: Operating single quantum emitters with a compact Stirling cryocooler, Review of Scientific Instruments 86, 013113 (2015).

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A. Schlehahn, S. Fischbach, R. Schmidt, A. Kaganskiy, A. Strittmatter, S. Rodt, T. Heindel, and S. Reitzenstein: A stand-alone fiber-coupled single-photon source, Scientific Reports 8, 1340 (2018).

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P. Schnauber, A. Thoma, C. V. Heine, A. Schlehahn, L. Gantz, M. Gschrey, R. Schmidt, C. Hopfmann, B. Wohlfeil, J.-H. Schulze, S. Strittmatter, T. Heindel, S. Rodt, U. Woggon, D. Gershoni, and S. Reitzenstein: Bright Single-Photon Sources Based on Anti-Reflection Coated Deterministic Quantum Dot Microlenses, Technologies 4, 1 (2016).

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