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Quantum Communications Systems Group

Dr. Tobias Heindel, Group Leader
Lupe [1]

Welcome to our website!

My name is Tobias Heindel [2] and I'm leader of the Quantum Communication Systems group [3] at the Institute of Solid-State Physics of Technische Universität Berlin.

Our group is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) via the funding initative  Quantum Futur [4]. In the framework of the project QuSecure [5] we develop and explore systems for secure data communication using quantum light sources. Quantum crypthography, in contrast to classical schemes, allows for physical security in data communication, taking advantage of the quantum-mechanical properties of single quanta of light.

In our Junior Research Group, we are working on the development of more powerfull quantum communication systems exploiting non-classical light sources. For this purpose, we exploit the full potential of quantum light sources based on semiconductor quantum dots. We aim at the implementation of different protocols of quantum key distribution, exploiting both, the scalability of quantum devices as well as the peculiar quantum-mechanical properties of the generated light states. The newly developed quantum-secured communication systems are expected to beat current limitations in the security level and the key rates.

The Quantum Communication Systems Group collaborates tightly with the Optoelectronics and Quantum Devices Group [6] of Stephan Reitzenstein.


Dr. Tobias Heindel
BMBF Research Group Leader
Institute of Solid State Physics
sec. EW 5-3
Room EW 263
Hardenbergstraße 36
10623 Berlin
+49 30 314 - 79993
+49 30 314 - 22064
e-mail query [7]


  • CV - Tobias Heindel (Deutsch) [8]
  • CV - Tobias Heindel (English) [9]
  • Publications - Tobias Heindel [10]

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