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Semiconductor nanophononics and nanophotonics

We investigate the optical, electronic, phononic and thermal properties of semiconductors and their heterostructures and nanostructures. A focus of our research lies on materials with large band gaps in the UV spectral range.

We investigate the fundamental material and transport properties using various spectroscopic methods to obtain information about quasi-particles such as excitons, phonons, plasmons and polaritons. Our techniques include continuous, time-resolved and time-correlated micro-photoluminescence spectroscopy (µPL) and excitation spectroscopy (PLE) in the UV spectral range. By combining short pulses, resonant excitation, low temperatures and strong magnetic fields, we obtain detailed information about relaxation, recombination and transfer processes of charge carriers.

Another research topic is the investigation of lattice dynamics (phonons) using micro- and near-field Raman spectroscopy. In addition to oxides and nitrides with large band gaps, we are currently studying perovskites and 2D materials.

A third research line that is currently being developed is the study of thermal transport in nanostructures and metamaterials using optical spectroscopy methods. In particular, we are interested in thermal transport process on short length- and time scales and coherent phonon processes in phononic crystals and superlattices.

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