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Our research group focuses on the growth of group III-nitride nanostructures by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) and their application in nanophotonic devices. By controlling the formation of nanostructures on the atomic scale we are able to tailor the opto-electronic properties of these materials. For the structural, electrical, and optical characterization of nanostructures are a number of analytical and simulation tools available. Within the Joint Lab "GaN Optoelectronics" in cooperation with the Ferdinand-Braun-Institute (FBH) and in the clean rooms of the Nanophotonics Centre (NPC) a wide range of nanophotonic devices are fabricated and characterized. We are particularly interested in the development of UV LEDs and UV laser diodes, GaN-based surface emitting laser diodes (SCDL, VCSEL), the generation of ultrashort pulses and the realization of single-mode laser diodes as well as  quantum dot-based single photon emitters (SPE).


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