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Workgroup Prof. Dr. M. KneisslWorkgroup Prof. Dr. M. Kneissl

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Experimental Nanophysics and Photonics


Technische Universität Berlin
Institute of Solid State Physics
Eugene-Paul-Wigner Bldg.,
EW 6-1,
Hardenbergstraße 36,
10623 Berlin
Tel: ++49 30 314 22 078
Fax: ++49 30 314 21 769

Advances in III-Nitride Materials & Photonic Devices (IIIN-MPD)


The Advanced UV for Life e.V. association organizes an online webinar series named as Advances in III-Nitride Materials & Photonic Devices (IIIN-MPD) organized by T. Wernicke, Å. Haglund, M. Weyers, S. Einfeldt, M. Kneissl. Read more ...


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