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Optoelectronics and Quantum Devices

Schematic view of a single-photon source. A single quantum dot is sandwiched in between a distributed Bragg reflector and a deterministically fabricated microlens for an enhanced photon-extraction efficiency.

The research activities of our group focus on quantum optics, quantum light sources, and optoelectronic devices based on micro- and nanostructures in III-V semiconductor materials. Of particular interest are quantum dots that provide zero-dimensional carrier confinement and as such can act as single-photon emitters with very high quantum efficiency. These unique features are exploited to investigate light-matter interaction effects in the framework of cavity quantum-electrodynamics (cQED). For this purpose, the quantum dots are integrated into optically- and electrically-driven low-mode-volume micro- and nanocavities to control and enhance their emission features. The related cQED effects allow us to develop building blocks for future quantum communication systems such as efficient quantum light sources and low-threshold microlasers. We also develop lithographic techniques for the deterministic 3D structuring of semiconductors for enhanced on-chip functionality (cf. schematic images on the right).


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