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Investigation of strong coupling between single quantum dot excitons and single photons in pillar microcavities
Citation key 2006_05_Sek
Author Sek, G. and Hofmann, C. and Reithmaier, J. P. and Loffler, A. and Reitzenstein, S. and Kamp, M. and Keldysh, L. V. and Kulakovskii, V. D. and Reinecke, T. L. and Forchel, A.
Pages 471–475
Year 2006
DOI 10.1016/j.physe.2005.12.089
Journal Physica E-low-dimensional Systems & Nanostructures
Volume 32
Number 1-2
Month may
Publisher Elsevier Science Bv
Abstract We are reporting on investigations in the regime of strong coupling between an atom-like emitter (i.e. a quantum dot exciton) and the electromagnetic field of a single photon in a high finesse cavity. In order to observe strong coupling between a quantum dot exciton and a cavity mode, we grew high quality Bragg reflector AlAs/GaAs planar cavities with a low density In0.3Ga0.6As quantum dot layer by molecular beam epitaxy. Using electron beam lithography and deep plasma etching, micropillars with high Q-factors (about 8000 for 1.5 pm diameter) were realized. In microphotoluminescence experiments, the high oscillator strength of the In0.3Ga0.6As quantum dots together with a small mode volume in high finesse micropillar cavities allowed us to observe strong coupling characterized by a vacuum Rabi splitting of 140 mu eV. All the conditions necessary to realize such a strongly coupled system and investigate its fundamental properties are discussed in detail. (c) 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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