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Boosting energy-time entanglement using coherent time-delayed feedback
Citation key 2021_03_Barkemeyer
Author Kisa Barkemeyer and Marcel Hohn and Stephan Reitzenstein and Alexander Carmele
Year 2021
Journal arXiv e-prints
Month mar
Abstract The visibility of the two-photon interference in the Franson interferometer serves as a measure of the energy-time entanglement of the photons. We propose to control the visibility of the interference in the second-order coherence function by implementing a coherent time-delayed feedback mechanism. Simulating the non-Markovian dynamics within the matrix product state framework, we find that the visibility for two photons emitted from a three-level system (3LS) in ladder configuration can be enhanced significantly for a wide range of parameters by slowing down the decay of the upper level of the 3LS.
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