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High-performance deterministic in-situ electron-beam lithography enabled by cathodoluminescence spectroscopy
Citation key 2021_03_Rodt_Reitzenstein
Author Sven Rodt and Stephan Reitzenstein
Year 2021
Journal Nano Express
Month March
Abstract The application of solid-state quantum emitters in real-world quantum information technologies requires precise nanofabrication platforms with high process yield. Self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots with excellent emission properties have proven to be among the best candidates to meet the needs of a number of novel quantum photonic devices. However, their spatial and spectral positions vary statistically on a scale that is far too large for their system integration via fixed lithography and inflexible processing schemes. We solve this severe problem by introducing a flexible and deterministic manufacturing scheme based on precise and convenient cathodoluminescence spectroscopy followed by high-resolution electron-beam lithography. The basics and application examples of this advanced in-situ electron-beam lithography are described in this article. Although we focus here on quantum dots as photon emitters, this nanotechnology concept is very well suited for the fabrication of a variety of quantum nanophotonic devices based on quantum emitters that exhibit suitably strong cathodoluminescence signals.
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