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Quantum-optical influences in optoelectronics—An introduction

Chow, W. W. and Reitzenstein, S.

Applied Physics Reviews 5, 041302 (2018).

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Recombination dynamics in wurtzite InP nanowires

Crankshaw, S., Reitzenstein, S., Chuang, L. C., Moewe, M., Munch, S., Bockler, C., Forchel, A. and Chang-Hasnain, C.

Physical Review B 77, 235409 (2008).

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Physics and Applications of High-β Micro- and Nanolasers

Deng, H., Lippi, G. L., Mørk, J., Wiersig, J. and Reitzenstein, S.

Advanced Optical Materials n/a, 2100415 (2021).

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Multiexcitonic emission from single elongated InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots

Dusanowski, L., Sek, G., Musial, A., Podemski, P., Misiewicz, J., Loffler, A., Höfling, S., Reitzenstein, S. and Forchel, A.

Journal of Applied Physics 111, 063522 (2012).

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Triggered high-purity telecom-wavelength single-photon generation from p-shell-driven InGaAs/GaAs quantum dot

Dusanowski, Ł., Holewa, P., Marynski, A., Musiał, A., Heuser, T., Srocka, N., Quandt, D., Strittmatter, A., Rodt, S., Misiewicz, J., Reitzenstein, S. and Sęk, G.

Opt. Express 25, 31122–31129 (2017).

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Experimental and theoretical investigation of quantum point contacts for the validation of models for surface states

Fiori, G., Iannaccone, G., Macucci, M., Reitzenstein, S., Kaiser, S., Kesselring, M., Worschech, L. and Forchel, A.

Nanotechnology 13, 299–303 (2002).

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Single Quantum Dot with Microlens and 3D-Printed Micro-objective as Integrated Bright Single-Photon Source

Fischbach, S., Schlehahn, A., Thoma, A., Srocka, N., Gissibl, T., Ristok, S., Thiele, S., Kaganskiy, A., Strittmatter, A., Heindel, T., Rodt, S., Herkommer, A., Giessen, H. and Reitzenstein, S.

ACS Photonics 4, 1327-1332 (2017).

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Efficient single-photon source based on a deterministically fabricated single quantum dot - microstructure with backside gold mirror

Fischbach, S., Kaganskiy, A., Tauscher, E. B. Y., Gericke, F., Thoma, A., Schmidt, R., Strittmatter, A., Heindel, T., Rodt, S. and Reitzenstein, S.

Applied Physics Letters 111, 011106 (2017).

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Hybrid microcavity for superminiature single quantum dot based emitters

Gaisler, V. A., Derebezov, I. A., Gaisler, A. V., Dmitriev, D. V., Toropov, A. I., Fischbach, S., Schlehahn, A., Kaganskiy, A., Heindel, T., Bounouar, S., Rodt, S. and Reitzenstein, S.

Optoelectronics, Instrumentation and Data Processing 53, 178–183 (2017).

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Properties of GaN Nanowires Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy

Geelhaar, L., Cheze, C., Jenichen, B., Brandt, O., Pfuller, C., Munch, S., Rothemund, R., Reitzenstein, S., Forchel, A., Kehagias, T., Komninou, P., Dimitrakopulos, G. P., Karakostas, T., Lari, L., Chalker, P. R., Gass, M. H. and Riechert, H.

Ieee Journal of Selected Topics In Quantum Electronics 17, 878–888 (2011).

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Radiometric characterization of a triggered narrow-bandwidth single-photon source and its use for the calibration of silicon single-photon avalanche detectors

Georgieva, H., López, M., Hofer, H., Christinck, J., Rodiek, B., Schnauber, P., Kaganskiy, A., Heindel, T., Rodt, S., Reitzenstein, S. and Kück, S.

Metrologia 57, 055001 (2020).

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Absolute calibration of a single-photon avalanche detector using a bright triggered single-photon source based on an InGaAs quantum dot

Georgieva, H., López, M., Hofer, H., Kanold, N., Kaganskiy, A., Rodt, S., Reitzenstein, S. and Kück, S.

Opt. Express 29, 23500–23507 (2021).

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Controlling the gain contribution of background emitters in few-quantum-dot microlasers

Gericke, F., Segnon, M., Helversen, M. v., Hopfmann, C., Heindel, T., Schneider, C., Höfling, S., Kamp, M., Musiał, A., Porte, X., Gies, C. and Reitzenstein, S.

New Journal of Physics 20, 023036 (2018).

ArXiv e-prints 1704.03902.

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Strong light-matter coupling in the presence of lasing

Gies, C., Gericke, F., Gartner, P., Holzinger, S., Hopfmann, C., Heindel, T., Wolters, J., Schneider, C., Florian, M., Jahnke, F., Höfling, S., Kamp, M. and Reitzenstein, S.

Phys. Rev. A 96, 023806 (2017).

ArXiv e-prints 1606.05591.

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Quantum dot micropillar lasers

Gies, C. and Reitzenstein, S.

Semiconductor Science and Technology 34, 073001 (2019).

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Single quantum dot photocurrent spectroscopy in the cavity quantum electrodynamics regime

Gold, P., Gschrey, M., Schneider, C., Höfling, S., Forchel, A., Kamp, M. and Reitzenstein, S.

Physical Review B 86, 161301 (2012).

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Two-photon interference from remote quantum dots with inhomogeneously broadened linewidths

Gold, P., Thoma, A., Maier, S., Reitzenstein, S., Schneider, C., Höfling, S. and Kamp, M.

Physical Review B 89, 035313 (2014).

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Numerical and Experimental Study of the Q Factor of High-Q Micropillar Cavities

Gregersen, N., Reitzenstein, S., Kistner, C., Strauss, M., Schneider, C., Höfling, S., Worschech, L., Forchel, A., Nielsen, T. R., Mork, J. and Gerard, J. M.

Ieee Journal of Quantum Electronics 46, 1470–1483 (2010).

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Development of site-controlled quantum dot arrays acting as scalable sources of indistinguishable photons

Große, J., von Helversen, M., Koulas-Simos, A., Hermann, M. and Reitzenstein, S.

APL Photonics 5, 096107 (2020).

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Quantum efficiency and oscillator strength of InGaAs quantum dots for single-photon sources emitting in the telecommunication O-band

Große, J., Mrowiński, P., Srocka, N. and Reitzenstein, S.

Applied Physics Letters 119, 061103 (2021).

ArXiv e-prints 2106.05351.

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In situ electron-beam lithography of deterministic single-quantum-dot mesa-structures using low-temperature cathodoluminescence spectroscopy

Gschrey, M., Gericke, F., Schüssler, A., Schmidt, R., Schulze, J.-H., Heindel, T., Rodt, S., Strittmatter, A. and Reitzenstein, S.

Applied Physics Letters 102, 251113 (2013).

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Study of high-resolution electron-beam resists for applications in low-temperature lithography

Gschrey, M., Schmidt, R., Kaganskiy, A., Rodt, S. and Reitzenstein, S.

Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 32, 061601 (2014).

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Resolution and alignment accuracy of low-temperature in situ electron beam lithography for nanophotonic device fabrication

Gschrey, M., Schmidt, R., Schulze, J.-H., Strittmatter, A., Rodt, S. and Reitzenstein, S.

Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 33, 021603 (2015).

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Highly indistinguishable photons from deterministic quantum-dot microlenses utilizing three-dimensional in situ electron-beam lithography

Gschrey, M., Thoma, A., Schnauber, P., Seifried, M., Schmidt, R., Wohlfeil, B., Kruger, L., Schulze, J. H., Heindel, T., Burger, S., Schmidt, F., Strittmatter, A., Rodt, S. and Reitzenstein, S.

Nature Communications 6, 7662 (2015).

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Static memory element based on electron Y-branch switch

Hartmann, D., Reitzenstein, S., Worschech, L. and Forchel, A.

Electronics Letters 41, 303–304 (2005).

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Spin-lasing in bimodal quantum dot micropillar cavities

Heermeier, N., Heuser, T., Große, J., Jung, N., Kaganskiy, A., Lindemann, M., Gerhardt, N. C., Hofmann, M. R. and Reitzenstein, S.

arXiv e-prints , (2021).

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Quantum key distribution using quantum dot single-photon emitting diodes in the red and near infrared spectral range

Heindel, T., Kessler, C. A., Rau, M., Schneider, C., Furst, M., Hargart, F., Schulz, W. M., Eichfelder, M., Rossbach, R., Nauerth, S., Lermer, M., Weier, H., Jetter, M., Kamp, M., Reitzenstein, S., Höfling, S., Michler, P., Weinfurter, H. and Forchel, A.

New Journal of Physics 14, 083001 (2012).

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A bright triggered twin-photon source in the solid state

Heindel, T., Thoma, A., Helversen, M. v., Schmidt, M., Schlehahn, A., Gschrey, M., Schnauber, P., Schulze, J.-H., Strittmatter, A., Beyer, J., Rodt, S., Carmele, A., Knorr, A. and Reitzenstein, S.

Nature Communications 8, 14870 (2017).

ArXiv e-prints 1608.02768.

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Accessing the dark exciton spin in deterministic quantum-dot microlenses

Heindel, T., Thoma, A., Schwartz, I., Schmidgall, E. R., Gantz, L., Cogan, D., Strauß, M., Schnauber, P., Gschrey, M., Schulze, J.-H., Strittmatter, A., Rodt, S., Gershoni, D. and Reitzenstein, S.

APL Photonics 2, 121303 (2017).

ArXiv e-prints 1706.05164.

Featured Headliner | Press Release: https://publishing.aip.org/publishing/journal-highlights/using-dark-side-excitons-quantum-computing

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Electrically driven quantum dot-micropillar single photon source with 34% overall efficiency

Heindel, T., Schneider, C., Lermer, M., Kwon, S. H., Braun, T., Reitzenstein, S., Höfling, S., Kamp, M. and Forchel, A.

Applied Physics Letters 96, 011107 (2010).

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