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Single quantum dot lasers and coupled cavity arrays

Schematic of a microcavity resonator with an adiabatic mirror design via layer thickness variation in the area of the central cavity.
Lupe [1]

The goal of this project is the realization and investigation of single
emitter lasers and coupled laser arrays on the basis of semiconductor
quantum dots. The regime of single-emitter lasing fundamentally
differs from that of conventional lasers and offers novel and intriguing
physical concepts and applications. Such lasers are driven by
quantum- and correlation effects that are, currently, not completely
understood. In addition to their theoretical description and conceptual
understanding the technological realization and experimental
characterisation provide demanding challenges. By combining
microscopical modelling, quantum-optical spectroscopy and nanoscale
sample preparation, the project aims at providing a conclusive
understanding of single-emitter lasers.


Prof. M. Kamp, Universität Würzburg

Dr. C. Gies, Universität Bremen

Funded by:

German Research Foundation, Grant-No.: Re2974/10-1


M. Klaas et al., Photon number-resolved measurement of an exciton-polariton condensate, Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 047401 (2018) [2]

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C. Gies et al., Strong light-matter coupling in the presence of lasing, Phys. Rev. A 96, 023806 (2017) [6]


M. Lermer, N. Gregersen, M. Lorke, E. Schild, P. Gold, J. Mork, C. Schneider, A. Forchel, S. Reitzenstein, S. Höfling, and M. Kamp. Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 052114 (2013)

C. Gies, M. Florian, P. Gartner, and F. Jahnke. Modelling single quantum dots in microcavities. In F. Jahnke, editor, Quantum Optics With Semiconductor Nanostructures. Woodhead Publishing Limited (2012)

C. Gies, J. Wiersig, M. Lorke, and F. Jahnke. Phys. Rev. A 75, 013803 (2007)

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