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AG Prof. Dr. S. ReitzensteinEfficient sources of entangled photon pairs based on deterministic quantum dot microlenses

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Efficient sources of entangled photon pairs based on deterministic quantum dot microlenses

Schematics of the envisaged microlens structure with a bottom DBR and a single QD inside. The broadband efficiency of the structure allows for an easy extraction of biexciton (XX) and exciton (X) emission. A lateral waveguide structure will enable efficie

In this project, we will develop deterministic and ultra-bright sources of polarization-entangled photon pairs by combining the advantages of In(Ga)As quantum dots (QDs) grown on (111) oriented GaAs substrates, in-situ cathodoluminescence lithography (CLL) of monolithically integrated microlenses, and resonant excitation schemes. These quantum light sources are key elements of advanced quantum communication schemes, such as the quantum repeater, which are based on entanglement distribution. In our concept, single (111) QDs in the active region of the sources will enable the generation of polarization-entangled photon-pairs via the biexciton (XX) - exciton (X) radiative cascade because of the specific electronic structure of these QDs with diminishing fine-structure splitting. 
Prof. Dr. V. Haisler, ISP Novosibirsk
Funded by:
German Research Foundation, Grant-No. RE 2974/12-1 and Russian Foundation for Basic Research
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A. Camele and S. Reitzenstein, Non-Markovian features in semiconductor quantum optics: quantifying the role of phonons in experiment and theory, Nanophotonics, 20180222, ISSN (Online) 2192-8614 (2019)
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A. Carmele, S. Bounouar, M. Strauss, S. Reitzenstein and A. Knorr, Correlations of cascaded photons: An analytical study in the two-photon Mollow regime, ArXiv e-prints 1710.03031 (2017)
S. Bounouar et al., Path-Controlled Time Reordering of Paired Photons in a Dressed Three-Level Cascade, Physical Review Letters 118, 233601 (2017)


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