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Impact of acoustic phonons on the dynamics of the exciton-biexciton system in quantum dots and quantum-dot microcavity systems

Temperature resonance tuning of a quantum-dot micropillar under optical excitation and electrical read-out.

The project comprises experimental and theoretical investigations to gain insight into the non-linear and non-markovian dynamics of excitons and biexcitons in quantum dots.
Systems with and without microresonators will be analyzed. Applying photocurrent spectroscopy and an advanced path-integral method we aim at a comprehensive study of the coherent dynamics of excitonic complexes confined in single self-assembled quantum dots. The studies comprise also investigations on the coherent evolution of coupled quantum dot – microcavity systems via electrical readout.

Partners: Prof. Dr. V. M. Axt, Institute of Theoretical Physics III, University of Bayreuth, Germany Prof. Dr. M. Kamp, Technische Physik, University of Würzburg, Germany

Funded by: German Research Foundation, Grant-No.: Re2974/5-1


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