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Institute of Solid State Physics


The Institute of Solid State Physics performs research on a wide range of subjects in the area of solid-state materials and devices. Research topics include the epitaxy of semiconductor hetero- and nanostructures, the exploration of new materials such as carbon nanotubes and graphene, and the development of nanophotonic and electronic devices such as laser diodes, semiconductor optical amplifiers, UV-LEDs, VCSELs, single-photon emitters, and nano-flash memories. Another focus is the electrical, optical and structural characterization and the development of nanoscopic measuring techniques, such as scanning tunneling microscopy, micro-luminescence spectroscopy, and micro-Raman spectroscopy. The research activities at ISSP span a bridge from basic research to application and have already led to several successful spin-offs. All research groups are supported by joined facilities such as the Nanophotonics Centre (NPC) as well as the precision mechanics and the glass technology workshops. Much of the research takes place in the context of national and international projects and networks. Particularly noteworthy is the Collaborative Research Centre 787 “Semiconductor Nanophotonics”. Furthermore, there are a number of global partnerships with other universities and research institutes. This enables us to offer students highly topical courses and attractive bachelor, master and doctoral theses.




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