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Prof. Dr. A. HoffmannC.V. Prof. Dr. A. Hoffmann

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C.V. Prof. Dr. A. Hoffmann


Personal Profile

Thirty years experience in optical and magneto-optical spectroscopy and microscopy; ps and fs spectroscopy; materials micro-characterization

Twenty-two years experience in managing a centralised equipment facility with a staff of twenty

Co-authored 301 peer reviewed publications and 87 conference papers (incl.26 invited papers). My Hirsch factor is in the moment 34

Research expertise: materials micro-characterization, ultra-fast phenomena in semiconductors, µ-Raman spectroscopy, electro-optical properties in organic materials, optical properties of quantum dots, micro-characterization of semiconductor and organic devices, optical-properties and - gain of group III nitrides

Guest professor at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Tertiary Qualifications

BSc (TUB), PhD (TUB)

Present Position

Director of the Solid State Physics Department, Head of the Ultrafast Optical Spectroscopy Laboratory and of the Low Temperature (mK) Physics Laboratory


Peer Reviewed Research Publications in last five years (2001 - 2006) ..119

List of Publications





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