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Nitride microcavities and single quantum dots for classical and non-classical light emitters
Zitatschlüssel Schmidt2020
Autor Schmidt, G. and Berger, C. and Dadgar, A. and Bertram, F. and Strittmatter, A. and Christen, J. and Jagsch, S. T. and Wagner, M. R. and Hoffmann, A.
Seiten 453–504
Jahr 2020
ISBN 978-3-030-35656-9
DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-35656-9
Journal Semiconductor Nanophotonics - Materials, Models, Devices
Jahrgang 194
Herausgeber Kneissl, Michael and Knorr, Andreas and Reitzenstein, Stephan and Hoffmann, Axel
Verlag Springer - Series in Materials Science
Kapitel 12
Zusammenfassung Microcavities with InGaN quantum wells or GaN‐based quantum dots as active medium are building blocks of electrically‐driven, low‐threshold surface‐emitting lasers or single photon emitters in the visible‐to‐UV spectral range. In this chapter, we highlight essential developments in epitaxial growth techniques of such nitride‐based microcavities and their active regions. Modern analytical techniques for structural and optical characterization of these 2 complex heterostructures as presented in this chapter are essential to solve remaining challenges.
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