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Vibrational dynamics in lead halide hybrid perovskites investigated by Raman spectroscopy
Zitatschlüssel Ibaceta-Jana2020
Autor Ibaceta-Jaña, Josefa and Muydinov, Ruslan and Rosado, Pamela and Mirhosseini, Hossein and Chugh, Manjusha and Nazarenko, Olga and Dirin, Dmitry N. and Heinrich, Dirk and Wagner, Markus R. and Kühne, Thomas D. and Szyszka, Bernd and Kovalenko, Maksym V. and Hoffmann, Axel
Seiten 5604–5614
Jahr 2020
ISSN 14639076
DOI 10.1039/c9cp06568g
Journal Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
Jahrgang 22
Nummer 10
Zusammenfassung Lead halide perovskite semiconductors providing record efficiencies of solar cells have usually mixed compositions doped in A- and X-sites to enhance the phase stability. The cubic form of formamidinium (FA) lead iodide reveals excellent opto-electronic properties but transforms at room temperature (RT) into a hexagonal structure which does not effectively absorb visible light. This metastable form and the mechanism of its stabilization by Cs+ and Br- incorporation are poorly characterized and insufficiently understood. We report here the vibrational properties of cubic FAPbI3 investigated by DFT calculations on phonon frequencies and intensities, and micro-Raman spectroscopy. The effects of Cs+ and Br- partial substitution are discussed. We support our results with the study of FAPbBr3 which expands the identification of vibrational modes to the previously unpublished low frequency region (textless500 cm-1). Our results show that the incorporation of Cs+ and Br- leads to the coupling of the displacement of the A-site components and weakens the bonds between FA+ and the PbX6 octahedra. We suggest that the enhancement of α-FAPbI3 stability can be a product of the release of tensile stresses in the Pb-X bond, which is reflected in a red-shift of the low frequency region of the Raman spectrum (textless200 cm-1).
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