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Vaccaro, P. O., Alonso, M. I., Garriga, M., Gutiérrez, J., Peró, D., Wagner, M. R., Reparaz, J. S., Sotomayor Torres, C. M., Vidal, X., Carter, E. A., Lay, P. A., Yoshimoto, M. and Goñi, A. R.: Localized thinning for strain concentration in suspended germanium membranes and optical method for precise thickness measurement, AIP Advances 8, 115131 (2018).

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Reparaz, J. S., da Silva, K. P., Romero, A. H., Serrano, J., Wagner, M. R., Callsen, G., Choi, S. J., Speck, J. S. and Goñi, A. R.: Comparative study of the pressure dependence of optical-phonon transverse-effective charges and linewidths in wurtzite InN, Physical Review B 98, 165204 (2018).

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Nippert, F., Tollabi Mazraehno, M., Davies, M. J., Hoffmann, M. P., Lugauer, H.-J., Kure, T., Kneissl, M., Hoffmann, A. and Wagner, M. R.: Auger recombination in AlGaN quantum wells for UV light-emitting diodes, Applied Physics Letters 113, 071107 (2018).

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Callsen, G., Kure, T., Wagner, M. R., Butté, R. and Grandjean, N.: Excited states of neutral donor bound excitons in GaN, Journal of Applied Physics 123, 215702 (2018).

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Muydinov, R., Seeger, S., Vinoth Kumar, S. H. B., Klimm, C., Kraehnert, R., Wagner, M. R. and Szyszka, B.: Crystallisation behaviour of CH3NH3PbI3 films: The benefits of sub-second flash lamp annealing, Thin Solid Films 653, 204–214 (2018).

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Müßener, J., Greif, L. A. T., Kalinowski, S., Callsen, G., Hille, P., Schörmann, J., Wagner, M. R., Schliwa, A., Martí-Sánchez, S., Arbiol, J., Hoffmann, A. and Eickhoff, M.: Optical emission of GaN/AlN quantum-wires: The role of charge transfer from a nanowire template, Nanoscale 10, 5591–5598 (2018).

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Nenstiel, C., Callsen, G., Nippert, F., Kure, T., Schlichting, S., Jankowski, N., Hoffmann, M. P., Dadgar, A., Fritze, S., Krost, A., Wagner, M. R., Hoffmann, A. and Bechstedt, F.: Electronic excitations stabilized by a degenerate electron gas in semiconductors, Communications Physics 1, 38 (2018).

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Greif, L. A., Jagsch, S. T., Wagner, M. R. and Schliwa, A.: Tuning the Emission Directionality of Stacked Quantum Dots, ACS Photonics 5, 4838–4845 (2018).


Poliani, E., Wagner, M. R., Vierck, A., Herziger, F., Nenstiel, C., Gannott, F., Schweiger, M., Fritze, S., Dadgar, A., Zaumseil, J., Krost, A., Hoffmann, A., Maultzsch, J., Ho, A., Maultzsch, J., Hoffmann, A. and Maultzsch, J.: Breakdown of Far-Field Raman Selection Rules by Light-Plasmon Coupling Demonstrated by Tip-Enhanced Raman Scattering, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8, 5462–5471 (2017).

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Mohammadbeigi, F., Kure, T., Callsen, G., Kumar, E. S., Wagner, M. R., Hoffmann, A. and Watkins, S. P.: Influence of carbon doping and hydrogen co-doping on acceptor related optical transitions in ZnO nanowires, Semiconductor Science and Technology 32, 045017 (2017).

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Sledzinska, M., Sachat, A. E., Reparaz, J. S., Wagner, M. R., Alzina, F. and Torres, C. M. S. (2017). Modification of thermal conductivity and phonon dispersion relation by means of phononic crystals. THERMINIC 2017 - 23rd International Workshop on Thermal Investigations of ICs and Systems1–4

Graczykowski, B., El Sachat, A., Reparaz, J. S., Sledzinska, M., Wagner, M. R., Chavez-Angel, E., Wu, Y., Volz, S., Wu, Y., Alzina, F. and Sotomayor Torres, C. M.: Thermal conductivity and air-mediated losses in periodic porous silicon membranes at high temperatures, Nature Communications 8, 415 (2017).

Sachat, A. E., Reparaz, J. S., Spiece, J., Alonso, M. I., Goñi, A. R., Garriga, M., Vaccaro, P. O., Wagner, M. R., Kolosov, O. V., Sotomayor Torres, C. M. and Alzina, F.: Thermal transport in epitaxial SiGe alloy nanowires with varying composition and morphology, Nanotechnology 28, 505704 (2017).

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Zuñiga-Perez, J., Consonni, V., Lymperakis, L., Kong, X., Trampert, A., Fernandez-Garrido, S., Brandt, O., Renevier, H., Keller, S., Hestroffer, K., Wagner, M. R., Reparaz, J. S., Akyol, F., Rajan, S., Rennesson, S., Palacios, T. and Feuillet, G.: Polarity in GaN and ZnO: Theory, measurement, growth, and devices, Applied Physics Reviews 3, 041303 (2016).

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Wagner, M. R., Graczykowski, B., Reparaz, J. S., El Sachat, A., Sledzinska, M., Alzina, F. and Sotomayor Torres, C. M.: Two-Dimensional Phononic Crystals: Disorder Matters, Nano Letters 16, 5661 (2016).

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