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Publikationen 2021

  1. Erik Freier, Johannes Glaab, Jan Ruschel, Veit Hoffmann, Ji Hye Kang, Maria Norman-Reiner, Hans Wenzel, Michael Kneissl, Sven Einfeldt, "Influence of the hydrogen level in (InAlGa)N-based laser diodes on the stability of the device's operating voltage",
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 54, 135103 (2021).
  2. Frank Mehnke, Christian Kuhn, Martin Guttmann, Luca Sulmoni, Verena Montag, Johannes Glaab, Tim Wernicke, and Michael Kneissl, "Electrical and optical characteristics of highly transparent MOVPE-grown AlGaN-based tunnel heterojunction LEDs emitting at 232 nm",
    Photonics Research (2021).
  3. Martin Feneberg, Fatima Romero, Rüdiger Goldhahn, Tim Wernicke, Christoph Reich, Joachim Stellmach, Frank Mehnke, Arne Knauer, Markus Weyers, Michael Kneissl, "Origin of defect luminescence in ultraviolet emitting AlGaN diode structures", Appl. Phys. Lett. 118, 202101 (2021).
  4. Martin Guttmann, Anna Susilo, Luca Sulmoni, Norman Susilo, Eviathar Ziffer, Tim Wernicke, Michael Kneissl, "Light extraction efficiency and internal quantum efficiency of fully UVC-transparent AlGaN based LEDs", Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 54 (33), 335101 (2021).
  5. Johannes Glaab, Neysha Lobo-Ploch, Hyun Kyong Cho, Thomas Filler, Heiko Gundlach, Martin Guttmann, Sylvia Hagedorn, Silke B. Lohan, Frank Mehnke, Johannes Schleusener, Luca Sulmoni, Tim Wernicke, Lucas Wittenbecher, Ulrike Woggon, Paula Zwicker, Axel Kramer, Martina C. Meinke, Michael Kneissl, Markus Weyers, Ulrike Winterwerber, Sven Einfeldt, "Skin-tolerant inactivation of multi-resistant pathogens using far-UVC LEDs", Scientific Reports 11, 14647 (2021).
  6. L. Spasevski, B. Buse, P.R. Edwards, J Enslin, F. Mehnke, T. Wernicke, M. Kneissl, R.W. Martin, Quantification of trace-level silicon doping in AlxGa1–xN films using wavelength-dispersive X-ray microanalysis, Microscopy and Microanalysis 27 (4), 696 (2021).

Publikationen 2020

  1. S. Walde, S. Hagedorn, P.-M. Coulon, A. Mogilatenko, C. Netzel, J. Weinrich, N. Susilo, E. Ziffer, L. Matiwe, C. Hartmann, G. Kusch, A. Alasmari, G. Naresh-Kumar, C. Trager-Cowan, T. Wernicke, T. Straubinger, M. Bickermann, R. W. Martin, P. A. Shields, M. Kneissl, and M. Weyers, "AlN overgrowth of nano-pillar-patterned sapphire with different offcut angleby metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy",
    Journal of Crystal Growth 531, 125343 (2020)
  2. Sylvia Hagedorn, Sebastian Walde, Norman Susilo, Carsten Netzel, Nadine Tillner, Ralph-Stephan Unger, Phillip Manley, Eviathar Ziffer, Tim Wernicke, Christiane Becker, Hans-Jürgen Lugauer, Michael Kneissl, and Markus Weyers, "Improving AlN Crystal Quality and Strain Management on Nanopatterned Sapphire Substrates by High‐Temperature Annealing for UVC Light‐Emitting Diodes",
    Phys. Status Solidi A 217, 1900796 (2020).
  3. Fan Ren, Kailash C. Mishra, Hiroshi Amano, John Collins, Jung Han, Won Bin Im, Michael Kneissl, Tae-Yeon Seong, Anant Setlur, Tadek Suski, and Eugeniusz Zych, "Preface—JSS Focus Issue on Recent Advances in Wide Bandgap III-Nitride Devices and Solid State Lighting: A Tribute to Isamu Akasaki",
    ECS J. Solid State Sci. Technol. 9, 010001 (2020).
  4. Ho-Young Kim, Jong Woo Lee, Young Min Moon, Jeong Tak Oh, Hwan-Hee Jeong, June-O Song, Tae-Yeon Seong, Michael Kneissl, Hiroshi Amano, "Improvement in the reliability of AlGaInP-based light-emitting diode package using optimal silicone and leadframe structure",
    ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology 9(1), 015014 (2020).
  5. Norman Susilo, Eviathar Ziffer, Sylvia Hagedorn, Leonardo Cancellara, Carsten Netzel, Neysha Lobo Ploch, Shaojun Wu, Jens Rass, Sebastian Walde, Luca Sulmoni, Martin Guttmann, Tim Wernicke, Martin Albrecht, Markus Weyers, and Michael Kneissl, "Improved performance of UVC-LEDs by combination of high-temperature annealing and epitaxially laterally overgrown AlN/sapphire",
    Photonics Research 8, 589 (2020).
  6. Tim Wernicke, Luca Sulmoni, Christian Kuhn, Günther Tränkle, Markus Weyers, Michael Kneissl, "Group III-nitride-based UV laser diodes", in M. Kneissl, A. Knorr, S. Reitzenstein, A. Hoffmann (eds), "Semiconductor Nanophotonics",
    Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences, vol 194, Springer, Cham (2020).
  7. Michael Kneissl, "A Short Introduction to Semiconductor Nanophotonics", in M. Kneissl, A. Knorr, S. Reitzenstein, A. Hoffmann (eds), "Semiconductor Nanophotonics",
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    Appl. Phys. Lett. 116, 062106 (2020).
  9. Michael A. Bergmann, Johannes Enslin, Filip Hjort, Tim Wernicke, Michael Kneissl, and Åsa Haglund, "Thin-film flip-chip UVB LEDs realized by electrochemical etching",
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 116, 121101 (2020).
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    Semicond. Sci. Technol. 35, 054001 (2020).
  11. Sylvia Hagedorn, Sebastian Walde, Arne Knauer, Norman Susilo, Daniel Pacak, Leonardo Cancellara, Carsten Netzel, Anna Mogilatenko, Carsten Hartmann, Tim Wernicke, Michael Kneissl, Markus Weyers, "Status and Prospects of AlN Templates on Sapphire for Ultraviolet Light‐Emitting Diodes",
    Phys. Status Solidi A, 190122 (2020).
  12. Ji Hye Kang, Hans Wenzel, Erik Freier, Veit Hoffmann, Olaf Brox, Jörg Fricke, Luca Sulmoni, Mathias Matalla, Christoph Stölmacker, Michael Kneissl, Markus Weyers, and Sven Einfeldt, "Continuous-wave operation of DFB laser diodes based on GaN using 10th-order laterally coupled surface gratings",
    Optics Letters 45(4), 935 (2020).
  13. Hyun Kyong Cho, Norman Susilo, Martin Guttmann, Jens Rass, Ina Ostermay, Sylvia Hagedorn, Eviathar Ziffer, Tim Wernicke, Sven Einfeldt, Markus Weyers, Michael Kneissl, "Enhanced wall plug efficiency of AlGaN- based deep-UV LEDs using Mo/Al as p-contact",
    IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 32(14), 891 (2020).
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    Semiconductor Science & Technology 35(9), 095019 (2020).
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    AIP Advances 10, 095307 (2020).
  16. L. Sulmoni, F. Mehnke, A. Mogilatenko, M. Guttmann, T. Wernicke, M. Weyers, and M. Kneissl, "Electrical properties and microstructure formation of V/Al-based n-contacts on high Al mole fraction n-AlGaN layers",
    Photonics Research 8, 1381 (2020).
  17. I. Prozheev, F. Mehnke, T. Wernicke, M. Kneissl, F. Tuomisto, "Electrical compensation and cation vacancies in Al rich Si-doped AlGaN",
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 117, 142103 (2020).
  18. H. Amano, R. Collazo, C. De Santi, S. Einfeldt, M. Funato, J. Glaab, S. Hagedorn, A. Hirano, H. Hirayama, R. Ishii, Y. Kashima, Y. Kawakami, R. Kirste, M. Kneissl, R. Martin, F. Mehnke, M. Meneghini, A. Ougazzaden, P. J. Parbrook, S. Rajan, P. Reddy, F. Römer, J. Ruschel, B. Sarkar, F. Scholz, L. J. Schowalter, P. Shields, Z. Sitar, L. Sulmoni, T. Wang, T. Wernicke, M. Weyers, B. Witzigmann, Y.-R. Wu, T. Wunderer and Y. Zhang, "The 2020 UV emitter roadmap",
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 53, 503001 (2020).
  19. Neysha Lobo-Ploch, Frank Mehnke, Luca Sulmoni, Hyun Kyong Cho, Martin Guttmann, Johannes Glaab, Katrin Hilbrich, Tim Wernicke, Sven Einfeldt, Michael Kneissl, "Milliwatt power 232 nm AlGaN-based deep UV LEDs on sapphire substrates",
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 117, 111102 (2020).
  20. A. Muhin, M. Guttmann, C. Kuhn, E. Mickein, J. R. Aparici, E. Ziffer, N. Susilo, L. Sulmoni, T. Wernicke and M. Kneissl, "Vertical conductivity and Poole-Frenkel-ionization of Mg acceptors in AlGaN short-period superlattices with high Al mole fraction",
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 117, 252101 (2020).
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    ACS Photonics (2020).
  22. Erik Freier, Johannes Glaab, Jan Ruschel, Veit Hoffmann, Ji-Hye Kang, Maria Norman-Reiner, Hans Wenzel, Michael Kneissl, Sven Einfeldt, "Influence of the hydrogen level in (InAlGa)N-based laser diodes on the stability of the device operating voltage",
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2020).
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    Appl. Phys. Lett. 117, 241104 (2020).
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    Appl. Phys. Lett. 117, 221101 (2020).

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