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Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Dr. M. Dähne2019 - 2020

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Veröffentlichungen 2019 - 2020

  • Submonolayer quantum dots, N. Owschimikow, B. Herzog, B. Lingnau, K. Lüdge, A. Lenz, H. Eisele, M. Dähne, T. Niermann, M. Lehmann, A. Schliwa, A. Strittmatter, and U.W. Pohl, in: Semiconductor Nanophotonics: Materials, Models, Devices (Springer-Verlag 2020)

  • Adsorption behavior of cobalt phthalocyanine submonolayer coverages on B-Si(111)-√3×√3R30°, M. Kubicki, S. Lindner, M. Franz, H. Eisele, and M. Dähne, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 38, 042803 (2020)
  • Continuous crossover from two-dimensional to one-dimensional electronic properties for metallic silicide nanowires, S. Appelfeller, K. Holtgrewe, M. Franz, L. Freter, C. Hassenstein, H.-F. Jirschik, S. Sanna, and M. Dähne, Physical Review B 102, 115433 (2020)
  • Internal atomic structure of rare earth silicide nanowires on Si(001) capped by silicon, J. Heggemann, S. Appelfeller, T. Niermann, M. Lehmann, and M. Dähne, Surface Science 696, 121563 (2020)
  • Refined structure model of rare earth silicide nanowires on Si(001), Stephan Appelfeller, Jonas Heggemann, Tore Niermann, Michael Lehmann und Mario Dähne, Applied Physics Letters 114, 093104 (2019)
  • Growth and characterization of Tb silicide nanostructures on Si(hhk) substrates, Stephan Appelfeller, Martin Franz, Lars Freter, C. Hassenstein, H.-F. Jirschik, Mario Dähne, Physical Review Materials  12, 126002 (2019)
  • Fabrication of one-dimensional magic cluster arrays using a vicinal surface as a template, Martin Franz,  Julia Schmermbeck, Mario Dähne, Applied Physics Letters 114, 093102 (2019)
  • Valence band structure and effective masses of GaN, Martin Franz, Stephan Appelfeller, Holger Eisele, Philipp Ebert, Mario Dähne, Physical Review B 99, 195306 (2019)
  • Interface of GaP/Si(001) and antiphase boundary facet-type determination, Andrea Lenz,  Oliver Supplie, Ernst Lenz, Peter Kleinschmidt, Thomas Hannappel, Journal of Applied Physics 125, 045304 (2019)
  • Arrangement and electronic properties of cobalt phthalocyanine molecules on B-Si(111) - √3 x √3 30°, Susi Lindner, Martin Franz, Milan Kubicki, Stephan Appelfeller, Mario Dähne, Holger Eisele, Physical Review B 100, 245301 (2019)
  • Three-dimensional structure of antiphase domains in GaP on Si(001), Pascal Farin, Malte Marquart, Wjatscheslaw Martyanov, J. Belz, A. Beyer, Kerstin Volz, Andrea Lenz,  Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 31, 144001 (2019)
  • Detailed Identification of the Progression of Antiphase Boundaries in GaP/Si(001), Pascal Farin, Malte Marquart, Wjatscheslaw Martyanov, Jürgen Belz, Andreas Beyer, Kerstin Volz, Andrea Lenz, ECS Transactions 93, 93 (2019)
  • Composition modulation by twinning in InAsSb nanowires, Michael Schnedler, T. Xu, Verena Portz, J.-P. Nys, Sebastian Plissard, M. Berthe, Holger Eisele, Raphael E. Dunin-Borkowski, Philipp Ebert, Bruno Grandidier, Nanotechnology 30, 324005 (2019)
  • Iuliacumite: A Novel Chemical Short-Range Order in a Two-Dimensional Wurtzite Single Monolayer InAs1-xSbx Shell on InAs Nanowires, Michael Schnedler, T.  Xu, Isabell Lefebvre, J.-P. Nys, Sebastien Plissard, M. Berthe, Holger Eisele, Raphael E. Dunin-Borkowski, Philipp Ebert, Bruno Grandidier,  Nano Letters 19, 8801 (2019)



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