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Veröffentlichungen 2010 - 2012

  • Reverse mass transport during capping of In0.5Ga0.5As/GaAs quantum
    H. Eisele, Ph. Ebert, N. Liu, A. L. Holmes, and C.-K. Shih, Appl. Phys. Lett. 101, 233107 (2012).
  • Growth of In0.25Ga0.75As quantum dots on GaP utilizing a GaAs interlayer, G. Stracke, A. Glacki, T. Nowozin, L. Bonato, S. Rodt, C. Prohl, A. Lenz, H. Eisele, A. Schliwa, A. Strittmatter, U. W. Pohl, and D. Bimberg, Appl. Physi. Lett. 101, 223110 (2012).
  • Non-polar group-III nitride semiconductor surfaces, H. Eisele and Ph. Ebert, Phys. Stat. Sol. RRL 6 359 (2012)
  • Critical thickness of the 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional transition in GaSb/GaAs(001) quantum dot growth, H. Eisele and M. Dähne, Journal of Crystal Growth 338, 103 (2012).
  • Comment on "Structure an electronic properties of dysprosium-silicide nanowires on vicinal Si(001)", M. Wanke, M. Dähne, Applied Physics Letters 87, 36101,1 (2011)
  • Electronic properties of selb-assembled rare-earth silicide nanowire on Si(001), M. Wanke, K. Löser, G. Pruskil, D. Vyalikh, S.L. Molodtsov, M. Dähne, S. Danzenbächer, C. Laubschat, Physical Review B 83, 205417,1-11 (2011)
  • Atomic ordering and decomposition of lattice matched InxGa1-xAsyP1-y on InP(001), A. Lenz, H. Eisele, F. Genz, L. Ivanova, R. Timm, D. Franke, H. Künzel, U.W. Pohl, and M. Dähne, VDE Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Indium Phosphide and Related Materials, 394-397 (2011).
  • Formation Of InAs/InGaAsP Quantum Dashes, A. Lenz, H. Eisele and F.
    Genz, L. Ivanova, R. Timm, D. Franke, H. Künzel, U. W. Pohl, and M. Dähne, AIP Conference Proceedings 1399, 249-250 (2011).
  • Atomic structure and optical properties of InAs submonolayer depositions in GaAs, A. Lenz, H. Eisele, J. Becker, J.-H. Schulze, T. D. Germann, F. Luckert, K. Pötschke, E. Lenz, L. Ivanova, A. Strittmatter, D. Bimberg, U. W. Pohl, and M. Dähne, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 29, 04D104,1-8 (2011).
  • Modelling and direct measurement of the density of states in GaAsN, M. P. Vaughan, S. Fahy, E. P. O'Reilly, L. Ivanova, H. Eisele, and M. Dähne, Phys. Status Solidi B 248, 1167-1171 (2011).
  • Direct measurement of the band gap and Fermi level position at InN(11-20), Ph. Ebert, S. Schaafhausen, A. Lenz, A. Sabitova, L. Ivanova, M. Dähne, Y.-L. Hong, S. Gwo, and H. Eisele, Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 062103,1-4 (2011).
  • Confined states of individual type-II GaSb/GaAs quantum rings studied by cross-sectional scanning tunneling spectroscopy, R. Timm, H. Eisele, A. Lenz, L. Ivanova, V. Vossebürger, T. Warming, D. Bimberg, I. Farrer, D.A. Ritchie, and M. Dähne, Nano Letters 10, 3972 (2010).
  • Atomic structure of buried InAs sub-monolayer depositions in GaAs, A. Lenz, H. Eisele, J. Becker, L. Ivanova, E. Lenz, F. Luckert, K. Pötschke, A. Strittmatter, U.W. Pohl, D. Bimberg, and M. Dähne, Appl. Phys. Express 3, 105602 (2010).
  • Direct measurement and analysis of the conduction band density of states in diluted GaAs1-xNx alloys, L. Ivanova, H. Eisele, M.P. Vaughan, Ph. Ebert, A. Lenz, R. Timm, O. Schumann, L. Geelhaar, M. Dähne, S. Fahy, H. Riechert, and E.P. O’Reilly, Phys. Rev. B 82, 161201(R) (2010).
  • Electronic properties of dysprosium silicide nanowires on Si(557), M. Wanke, M. Franz, M. Vetterlein, G. Pruskil, C. Prohl, B. Höpfner, P. Stojanov, E. Huwald, J. D. Riley, and M. Dähne, J. Appl. Phys. 108, 064304 (2010).
  • Atomic structure and strain of the InAs wetting layer growing on GaAs(001)-c(4×4), C. Prohl, B. Höpfner, J. Grabowski, M. Dähne, and H. Eisele, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 28, C5E13 (2010).
  • Cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of nonpolar GaN(1-100) surfaces, H. Eisele, S. Borisova, L. Ivanova, M. Dähne, and Ph. Ebert, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 28, C5G11 (2010).
  • InAs nanostructures on InGaAsP/InP(001): Interaction of InAs quantum-dash formation with InGaAsP decomposition, F. Genz, A. Lenz, H. Eisele, L. Ivanova, R. Timm, U. W. Pohl, M. Dähne, D. Franke, and H. Künzel, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 28, C5E1 (2010).
  • Atomic structure of the (4×3) reconstructed InGaAs monolayer on GaAs(001), H. Eisele, B. Höpfner, C. Prohl, J. Grabowski, and M. Dähne, Surface Science 604, 283-289 (2010).
  • Effect of nitrogen on the InAs/GaAs quantum dot formation, L. Ivanova, H. Eisele, A. Lenz, R. Timm, O. Schumann, L. Geelhaar, H. Riechert, and M. Dähne, Physica Status Solidi C 7, 355-358 (2010).



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