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InAs quantum dashes in InGaAsP

For InAs growth on InGaAsP layers lattice matched to InP, we observed nanostructures strongly elongated in [1-10] direction, so called quantum dashes [1]. This behavior is in contrast to the InAs/GaAs system, where rather compact quantum dots are formed.
The quantum dashes have an almost binary InAs composition and a truncated pyramidal shape. Their lengths and widths amount to about 60 nm and 15 nm, respectively, resulting in lateral aspect ratios around 4.
The quaternary matrix material surrounding the dashes is characterized by a lateral decomposition resulting in InAs-rich and GaP-rich columns, which correlate with the positions of the quantum dashes [2].


XSTM images of InAs quantum dashes in InGaAsP at two different orientations of the cleavage face, (a) the (1-10) and (b) the (110) surface. The yellow ellipses indicate the quantum dashes. The dotted orange box in (a) indicates an InAs-rich region within the InGaAsP matrix.

[1] Formation of InAs/InGaAsP quantum dashes on InP(001), A. Lenz, F. Genz, H. Eisele, L. Ivanova, R. Timm, D. Franke, H. Künzel, U.W. Pohl, and M. Dähne, Applied Physics Letters 95, 203105 (2009)
[2] InAs nanostructures on InGaAsP/InP(001): Interaction of InAs quantum dash formation with InGaAsP decomposition, F. Genz, A. Lenz, H. Eisele, L. Ivanova, R. Timm, U.W. Pohl, M. Dähne, D. Franke, and H. Künzel, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 28, C5E1 (2010).



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