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The Dilor LABRAM is a compact single-grating Raman spectrometer system equipped
with a microscope optics and a Peltier-cooled CCD detector. It can be used for Raman as well as for photoluminescence measurements in the visible spectral range. The excitation wavelength is usually 632.8 nm, but also some Ar/Kr lines at 488, 514.5 and 568 nm can be used. The straylight is suppressed by notch filters. The use of notch filters leads to a high througput (greater 30%) and allows even the detection of very weak signals. The compact setup makes the use of this Raman system flexible. No water or high voltage connection is needed. The confocal microscope optics allows to perform spatial- and depth-resolved measurements with a spatial resolution on a micrometer scale.



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