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Polarization resolved Raman spectroscopy on novel two-dimensional materials

Mechanically exfoliated single- (dark blue) and multilayer (bright blue, white) MoS2 flake


The technique of mechanical exfoliation ("scotch tape method") can be used to produce micrometer-sized mono- and few-layered flakes from van-der-Waals stacked materials like graphite.  Apart from graphene (monolayered graphite), other novel materials are for example the so-called TMDCs (TransitionMetalDiChalcogenides) such as MoS2 or WSe2. These novel two-dimensional materials have interesting optical and electronic properties.

Currently, we are using polarization resolved (resonant) Raman spectroscopy as well as photoluminescence spectroscopy to investigate optical transitions into  specific valleys in the electron band structure.



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Ansprechpartner:  Prof. Dr. A. Hoffmann



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