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Directional Emission of a Deterministically Fabricated Quantum Dot-Bragg Reflection Multimode Waveguide System

Mrowiński, P., Schnauber, P., Gutsche, P., Kaganskiy, A., Schall, J., Burger, S., Rodt, S. and Reitzenstein, S.

ACS Photonics , (2019).

ArXiv e-prints 1902.01905.

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Ground-state resonant two-photon transitions in wurtzite GaN/AlN quantum dots

Jagsch, S. T., Greif, L. A. T., Reitzenstein, S. and Schliwa, A.

Phys. Rev. B 99, 245303 (2019).

ArXiv e-prints 1903.06575.

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Quantum dot micropillar lasers

Gies, C. and Reitzenstein, S.

Semiconductor Science and Technology 34, 073001 (2019).

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Photon-number parity of heralded single photons from a Bragg-reflection waveguide reconstructed loss-tolerantly via moment generating function

Laiho, K., Schmidt, M., Suchomel, H., Kamp, M., Höfling, S., Schneider, C., Beyer, J., Weihs, G. and Reitzenstein, S.

arXiv e-prints , 1906.12191 (2019).

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Thresholdless transition to coherent emission at telecom wavelengths from coaxial nanolasers

Kreinberg, S., Laiho, K., Lohof, F., Hayenga, W. E., Holewa, P., Gies, C., Khajavikhan, M. and Reitzenstein, S.

arXiv e-prints , 1905.09924 (2019).

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Indistinguishable photons from deterministically integrated single quantum dots in heterogeneous GaAs/Si3N4 quantum photonic circuits

Schnauber, P., Singh, A., Schall, J., In Park, S., Song, J. D., Rodt, S., Srinivasan, K., Reitzenstein, S. and Davanco, M.

arXiv e-prints , 1905.12030 (2019).

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Micropillar lasers with site-controlled quantum dots as active medium

Kaganskiy, A., Kreinberg, S., Porte, X. and Reitzenstein, S.

Optica 6, 404–409 (2019).

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Mutual coupling and synchronization of optically coupled quantum-dot micropillar lasers at ultra-low light levels

Kreinberg, S., Porte, X., Schicke, D., Lingnau, B., Schneider, C., Höfling, S., Kanter, I., Lüdge, K. and Reitzenstein, S.

Nature Communications 10, 1539 (2019).

ArXiv e-prints 1808.01483.

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Wigner Time Delay Induced by a Single Quantum Dot

Strauß, M., Carmele, A., Schleibner, J., Hohn, M., Schneider, C., Höfling, S., Wolters, J. and Reitzenstein, S.

Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 107401 (2019).

ArXiv e-prints 1805.06357.

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Quantum metrology of solid-state single-photon sources using photon-number-resolving detectors

Helversen, M. v., Böhm, J., Schmidt, M., Gschrey, M., Schulze, J.-H., Strittmatter, A., Rodt, S., Beyer, J., Heindel, T. and Reitzenstein, S.

New Journal of Physics 21, 035007 (2019).

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Suppressed antibunching via spectral filtering: An analytical study in the two-photon Mollow regime

Schleibner, J., Bounouar, S., Strauß, M., Reitzenstein, S., Knorr, A. and Carmele, A.

Phys. Rev. A 99, 023813 (2019).

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Numerical Investigation of Light Emission from Quantum Dots Embedded into On-Chip, Low-Index-Contrast Optical Waveguides

Hoehne, T., Schnauber, P., Rodt, S., Reitzenstein, S. and Burger, S.

Phys. Status Solidi B , 1800437 (2019).

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Quantum-dot micropillar lasers subject to coherent time-delayed optical feedback from a short external cavity

Holzinger, S., Schneider, C., Höfling, S., Porte, X. and Reitzenstein, S.

Scientific reports 9, 631 (2019).

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Excitonic complexes in MOCVD-grown GaAs-based quantum dots emitting at telecom wavelengths

Mrowiński, P., Musiał, A., Gawarecki, K., Dusanowski, Ł., Heuser, T., Srocka, N., Quandt, D., Strittmatter, A., Rodt, S., Reitzenstein, S. and Sęk, G.

ArXiv e-prints , 1811.01346 (2018).

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Determining the linewidth enhancement factor via optical feedback in quantum dot micropillar lasers

Holzinger, S., Kreinberg, S., Hokr, B. H., Schneider, C., Höfling, S., Chow, W. W., Porte, X. and Reitzenstein, S.

Opt. Express 26, 31363–31371 (2018).

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Fabrication of dense diameter-tuned quantum dot micropillar arrays for applications in photonic information processing

Heuser, T., Große, J., Kaganskiy, A., Brunner, D. and Reitzenstein, S.

APL Photonics 3, 116103 (2018).

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Quantum-optical influences in optoelectronics—An introduction

Chow, W. W. and Reitzenstein, S.

Applied Physics Reviews 5, 041302 (2018).

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Enhanced photon-extraction efficiency from InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots in deterministic photonic structures at 1.3 μm fabricated by in-situ electron-beam lithography

Srocka, N., Musiał, A., Schneider, P.-I., Mrowiński, P., Holewa, P., Burger, S., Quandt, D., Strittmatter, A., Rodt, S., Reitzenstein, S. and Sęk, G.

AIP Advances 8, 085205 (2018).

ArXiv e-prints 1805.00624.

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Tailoring the mode-switching dynamics in quantum-dot micropillar lasers via time-delayed optical feedback

Holzinger, S., Redlich, C., Lingnau, B., Schmidt, M., Helversen, M. v., Beyer, J., Schneider, C., Kamp, M., Höfling, S., Lüdge, K., Porte, X. and Reitzenstein, S.

Opt. Express 26, 22457–22470 (2018).

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Quantum-optical spectroscopy of a two-level system using an electrically driven micropillar laser as a resonant excitation source

Kreinberg, S., Grbešić, T., Strauß, M., Carmele, A., Emmerling, M., Schneider, C., Höfling, S., Porte, X. and Reitzenstein, S.

Light: Science & Applications 7, 41 (2018).

ArXiv e-prints 1711.09705.

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Photon-Number-Resolved Measurement of an Exciton-Polariton Condensate

Klaas, M., Schlottmann, E., Flayac, H., Laussy, F. P., Gericke, F., Schmidt, M., Helversen, M. v., Beyer, J., Brodbeck, S., Suchomel, H., Höfling, S., Reitzenstein, S. and Schneider, C.

Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 047401 (2018).

ArXiv e-prints 1805.02959.

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Exploring the Photon-Number Distribution of Bimodal Microlasers with a Transition Edge Sensor

Schlottmann, E., von Helversen, M., Leymann, H. A. M., Lettau, T., Krüger, F., Schmidt, M., Schneider, C., Kamp, M., Höfling, S., Beyer, J., Wiersig, J. and Reitzenstein, S.

Phys. Rev. Applied 9, 064030 (2018).

ArXiv e-prints 1709.04312.

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Photon-Number-Resolving Transition-Edge Sensors for the Metrology of Quantum Light Sources

Schmidt, M., von Helversen, M., López, M., Gericke, F., Schlottmann, E., Heindel, T., Kück, S., Reitzenstein, S. and Beyer, J.

Journal of Low Temperature Physics , (2018).

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A deterministically fabricated spectrally-tunable quantum dot based single-photon source

Fischbach, S., Helversen, M., Schmidt, M., Kaganskiy, A., Schmidt, R., Schliwa, A., Heindel, T., Rodt, S. and Reitzenstein, S.

ArXiv e-prints , 1805.10623 (2018).

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Numerical optimization of the extraction efficiency of a quantum-dot based single-photon emitter into a single-mode fiber

Schneider, P.-I., Srocka, N., Rodt, S., Zschiedrich, L., Reitzenstein, S. and Burger, S.

Opt. Express 26, 8479–8492 (2018).

ArXiv e-prints 1803.03438.

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Generation of maximally entangled states and coherent control in quantum dot microlenses

Bounouar, S., Haye, C. d. l., Strauß, M., Schnauber, P., Thoma, A., Gschrey, M., Schulze, J.-H., Strittmatter, A., Rodt, S. and Reitzenstein, S.

Applied Physics Letters 112, 153107 (2018).

ArXiv e-prints 1801.03376.

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Deterministic Integration of Quantum Dots into on-Chip Multimode Interference Beamsplitters Using in Situ Electron Beam Lithography

Schnauber, P., Schall, J., Bounouar, S., Höhne, T., Park, S.-I., Ryu, G.-H., Heindel, T., Burger, S., Song, J.-D., Rodt, S. and Reitzenstein, S.

Nano Letters 18, 2336-2342 (2018).

ArXiv e-prints 1712.03837.

PMID: 29557665

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A stand-alone fiber-coupled single-photon source

Schlehahn, A., Fischbach, S., Schmidt, R., Kaganskiy, A., Strittmatter, A., Rodt, S., Heindel, T. and Reitzenstein, S.

Scientific Reports 8, 1340 (2018).

ArXiv e-prints 1703.10536.

Press Release: http://rdcu.be/FgwW

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Enhancing the photon-extraction efficiency of site-controlled quantum dots by deterministically fabricated microlenses

Kaganskiy, A., Fischbach, S., Strittmatter, A., Rodt, S., Heindel, T. and Reitzenstein, S.

Optics Communications 413, 162–166 (2018).

ArXiv e-prints 1708.03512.

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