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Semiconductor-based single-photon sources for quantum-information processing

Schematic of an electrically-driven single-photon emitter that is connected to an optical fiber.

Within the project single-photon sources based on epitaxial quantum dots will be realized as "plug and play"-ready devices. The fabrication process will be analyzed and tested with respect to its technical and economic feasibility. Special emphasis is placed on the site-controlled growth of the quantum dots.






The development of "plug and play"-ready single photon sources focusses on:

  • Self-aligned growth and integration of single quantum dots as emitters
  • VCSEL technology compatible fabrication processes
  • High single photon output flux
  • Pure single photon emission
  • Narrow emission linewidth
  • Spectrally tunable emission of single photons
  • Electrical triggering of single photon emission
  • User friendly fiber outcoupling
  • User friendly operation using Helium/Nitrogen free cooling


    PD Dr. A. Strittmatter, Institut für Festkörperphysik, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

    Funded by:

    Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Grant-No.: 03V0630


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    U.S. Patent: „Optoelektronische Vorrichtung“

    Publication number US20160320575 A1

    Application number US 14/699,605


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    Selected for cover image.

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    Press release:  http://www.tu-berlin.de/?id=138056

    W. Unrau, D. Quandt, J.-H. Schulze, T. Heindel, T. D. Germann, O. Hitzemann, A. Strittmatter, S. Reitzenstein, Appl. Phys. Lett. 101, 211119 (2012)

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