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Electro-optical studies of the dark exciton using vertical-cavity single-photon light-emitting devices

Micrograph of an electrically-driven vertically-emitting diode-structure.
Lupe [1]

Within this project we will develop high-quality single-photon light-emitting devices with InGaAs quantum dots in the active layer. The electrically contacted devices will allow us to externally control the charge configuration in the quantum dots which will be exploited in order to address and manipulate dark exciton states in the quantum dots. This will allow us to explore the potential of these states to act as qubits with long coherence times as building blocks for quantum information systems.


Prof. Dr. D. Gershoni, Technion in Haifa, Israel

Prof Dr. D. Bimberg, Institut für Festkörperphysik, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Funded by:

German-Israeli-Foundation for Scientific Research and Development, Grant-No.: 1148-77.14/2011


T. Heindel et al.,Accessing the dark exciton in deterministic quantum-dot microlenses, ArXiv e-prints 1706.05164 (2017) [2]

A. Schlehahn et al., Generating single photons at gigahertz modulation-speed using electrically controlled quantum dot microlenses, Applied Physics Letters 108, 021104 (2016) [3]

Featured in: Nature Photonics | Research Highlights by N. Horiuchi, Nature Photonics 10, 145 (2016) [4]

P. Schnauber et al., Bright Single-Photon Sources Based on Anti-Reflection Coated Deterministic Quantum Dot Microlenses, Technologies 4, 1 (2016) [5]

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E. R. Schmidgall et al., All-optical depletion of dark excitons from a semiconductor quantum dot, Applied Physics Letters 106, 193101 (2015) [7]


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D. Bimberg, E. Stock, A. Lochmann, A. Schliwa, J. Töfflinger, W. Unrau, M. Munnix, S. Rodt, V. A. Haisler, A. I. Toropov, A. Bakarov, A. K. Kalagin, “Quantum Dots for Single- and Entangled-Photon Emitters”, IEEE Photonics J. 1, 58 (2009)

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