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Arbeitsgruppe von Prof. James Lott


Our goal is to develop and optimize ultra-fast and highly energy efficient surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) and micro/nanolasers, partly on silicon. Advanced nano-photonic technologies like sub-wavelength gratings and metal cladding layers are explored to further improve these devices. On the systems side, advanced modulation schemes and multiplexing technologies are investigated. The work aims at various near-term and future applications such as data communications, computer communications via hybrid integrated optical interconnects, and sensing. A central aspect is the development of VCSELs with the highest possible modulation bandwidth in conjunction with energy efficient and temperature stable operation. Our research also includes the realization of advanced nanophotonics structures based on innovative epitaxial designs and their integration into silicon photonics systems. Furthermore, micro- and nanolasers are on the list to enable large scale integration of optical interconnects in future exaflops-scale computers. Besides, spectroscopic studies of such nanoscale lasers on a quantum optical test bed allows us to obtain a detailed knowledge of their physical properties and to explore fundamental limits of their down-scaling.

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